Approval Managment Speaker

Simon Wilcox

Owner / Director @ Smart Approve Ltd

Presenting: Best Practice in Approval Management and Keeping the Momentum

Simon is the founder of Smart Approve and has been supporting private and public companies with their digital transformation for over 10 years. He has provided clients with SaaS Enterprise software and solutions in Enterprise CRM, ESP, online payments, eCommerce, change, programme and project management, managed training services, eLearning and Learning Management Systems. Simon has worked for some of the biggest players in the business including Salesforce, WPM Education and Steria.

Using this experience, Simon has developed Smart Approve which is a new cloud-based platform that is a user-friendly and cost-effective app. It ensures your approval requests are routed to the right people, tracks everyone’s responses and provides automatic email updates and reminders for everyone involved.  The approval process is simpler, clearer and a lot less work with Smart Approve.

Simon’s goal for Smart Approve is to give businesses greater visibility in relation to their investments so they can make quicker, smarter and better decisions. The app works on any platform, is cloud based and giving approval takes just one click. Take a look here.

Simon is really excited to be part of this event and Smart Approve are running a competition that will allow you to get your hands on one of their 12-month Pro Licences for FREE (terms will be provided).

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