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Jamie Phythian

CEO & Founder @ PinPoint

Presenting: Behavioural financial planning for business owners

Jamie Phythian is the founder / CEO of PinPoint, a fintech business that helps people manage money and plan financial goals.

Before starting PinPoint, Jamie worked as a senior financial planner within an award-winning financial advisory business for over 12 years. His passion is helping people to maximise their financial position and improve behaviour, increasing the likelihood of achieving their goals.

His approach is all about transparency, at a time when you can open up any financial product online in a matter of minutes, the value in good financial planning isn’t selling people new financial products – the internet has created a level playing field for that!

Jamie and his team have a simple, effective approach. With a good financial plan, understanding of your finances and what’s available to you, anyone can achieve financial freedom.

Find out more about PinPoint here.