Eugene Farrell Headshot

Eugene Farrell

Mental Health Lead @ Axa PPP Healthcare

Panelist: Fostering a positive mental health environment in the workplace

Eugene is qualified in Radiotherapy, Health Economics and Psychology, with more than 30 years’ experience in the UK healthcare arena. For the past 20 years he has specialised in the development and provision of mental health, counselling and wellbeing support services in the corporate environment.

He is an expert in workplace management of mental health, psychological risk management, policy development and training. As AXA PPP healthcare’s Mental Health Lead, he provides development and thought leadership. He has worked with mental health providers, charities and government advising on the management of mental health in the workplace, as well as the management and delivery of organisational crisis support. Eugene has a keen interest in the use of technology in mental health, working with various tech start-ups.

Eugene is the current Chair of UK Employee Assistance Association, former International Director of USA EAPA, and director of Employee Assistance European Forum. He is also member of the British Psychological Society.

Eugene has authored articles and research on mental health, stress, absence, sickness presence, financial wellbeing, health wellbeing and EAP effectiveness. He has presented at professional conferences across Europe, on the radio including BBC and is delighted to be at SMEOS.