Elaine Atherton B2C Speaker

Elaine Atherton

Sales Coach & Trainer @ 2SummitUp

Presenting: The Accidental Salesperson – keys to B2C selling for non-salespeople

Elaine Atherton is a Sales Coach & Trainer who loves to spend time working with small business owners of which many are ‘Accidental Sales People’.

They of course are those who started a business because they are an expert in their field, they saw a gap in the market, or perhaps wanted to turn a hobby into a business. It’s unlikely they did it to become a salesperson, but of course, they need to generate sales to stay in business.

Starting out as an Accidental Salesperson herself, Elaine went on to build a multi-million business and still maintained she didn’t see herself as a ‘good salesperson’ but someone who loved helping people, built rapport and kept in touch with potential clients.

Elaine’s message is ‘I realised very early on in my career that my love for helping people needed to be supported by some processes. As business owners it’s our job to understand the problems we solve, the solutions we provide and to really listen to what our clients need. Reality is people don’t buy to help us, they buy because we helped them’

Elaine is your challenger and cheerleader!

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